Thursday, 6 June 2013

One Morbid Thought to Rule Them All

In England there is this programme called 24 Hours in A&E.
Basically it is a documentary/real-life programme series following people admitted into A&E over night and follows their stories among family members.

Well, I was watching one episode where a man had been chucked off his motorbike. It was a late programme, broadcasted at 9pm (which is my bed time because I'm a good girl) so, of course, there would be some distressing scenes.
Anyway, this man had fallen off his motorbike or something and was in critical condition. It them went to his mother talking about him in past tense - like he had, unfortunately, passed away.

So it was going through all these other people and then it came back to that man, and again, his mother was talking about him in past tense, i.e. 'he was...'. It occurred to me that it was bad entertainment.

Bad entertainment.

Yeah. I thought it was bad entertainment because they're already telling us that he didn't survive, therefore it ruined the suspense.

Like there should be entertainment in knowing that somebody is going to die but that little element of doubt that said person would live.

Welcome to my world...

I forced myself to stop thinking about such a morbid idea and watched till the end.

Turns out, fortunately, he survived.

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