Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I am a Writer

There's this thing called the Writing Contest: You Are a Writer by Positive Writer which I am participating in: 

It all started when I was 11. Before this age, I had no care for reading. I did like writing though. During my 11th year on this planet, I picked up a book and read and read and read. (Need I go on?) What's this book you ask? Cirque Du Freak – Darren Shan. This is probably not the book that you would find an 11 year old girl reading but whatever.

So that is when my love for reading became apparent.

Thus, till this day, I read and read and read. (My book shelf is K.O. It's completely full!)


I have been writing for a little while now, you know, properly, since the age of 11. I always start with little ideas that will always bloom and blossom into the biggest tree in my head, but I have this thing where somewhere along the line everything gets muddled up. At the best of times I can't communicate what I feel properly. It just doesn't happen and I get very frustrated. So, if it does happen, the book always dies. It never gets finished. However, I do save everything so that if I want to go back to it, I can.

But, like reading, I always write and write and write. (You get the picture.) So, for me, finishing a book is very hard, but finding the ideas and starting one is a piece of cake.

I've decided that the way I do things is corrupt. I just jump straight into the deep end. No plot. No characters. No idea. Just make it up as you go along, you'll be fine! Oh, I kid myself so much. It never ends fine. Therefore, I am now planning a new book (yes you heard, a new book) BUT I'm really, really planning it and trying my hardest.

So, I've wrote many things but never finish, but I strive,
It is hard for me to put what I feel down on paper and make it make sense, but I strive.
I will finish one one day and I will strive.

(Sounded like some sort of motivational speech there... Teehee...)

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