Monday, 1 July 2013

So Totally Fangirling, and it isn't just a Common Occurrence

There are a lot of things to be excited about: Christmas, Easter, birthdays, days off from school.
But we all know those days when your feels about some certain thing overrides the feels of said above completely.

For example, The \City of Bones movie comes out August 23rd.
Being an avid TMIer, this is the absolute, utmost producer of feels in the world.
Saying that, I cannot wait for Clare to publish The Bane Chronicles in book form. BECAUSE MAGNUS BANE IS A SEXY F*CKING BEAST.
There are other things that make me fangirl,
for instance, Catching Fire movie which is coming out in november. This. I am dying.

At first, I'm sorry to say, I disowned the book series because they movie made it popular and after the Twilight incident, my reaction was just.
But, with a big mega 'B', I messed up.


I hate myself for hating the film. 

I watched the film again and really, really liked it.

Sometimes it pays off to read the books before you watch the film.

However, sometimes the film does not do the books justice and ruins it for you, I'm scared of this so will heavily criticize the trailer.

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