About me

Hi there!

Uh... Welcome to my about me page...

I suppose I should start.

My name is Harriet and I live in England. I don't really have a lot to say about me, but Imma try.

I learn Japanese as a hobby. I also have a pony whom I share with my twin sister. His name is called Jaffa Cake (Jaffa for short and he really is a bit of a Jaffa...) So I ride a lot (when I can be bothered). No. I'm just busy.  

Babbling on.  

Anyway, there are many things I would like to be in the future (preferably all at the same time). Are you ready?
I wanna be a Social Anthropologist, Psychologist into the criminal mind (does that even have a scientific name?) Lobotomist (only joking,) Business woman, English language teacher, and most of all

I am an aspiring author. Aspiring being the key word. I have not yet complete any of my works. My Self-actualization sucks.

I fail at doing DIY arts and craft. I'm a perfectionist but a really, REALLY messy person. And, because I am such a harsh critique, DIY is a no go area.

I can't really think of anything else... I could go through the list of pets that belong to my family but that would be incredibly boring and... Crazy?

Have a selfie...

And have a picture of this baby Tapir  ...
... As a gratitude present for actually reading this far without dying.

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